Capacity Manager

eTOM and ITIL Capacity Solution

The NetVision Capacity Manager performs the essential task of measuring resource and service utilisation and capacity in ICT networks. It is a fully compliant eTOM and ITIL capacity management solution and is focused on critical areas for successful service delivery:

  • Total installed capacity – a detailed overview of available IT resource capacity
  • Consumed capacity – utilisation and performance of the resources involved in the service
  • Focal points – a graphical and topological visualisation of the elements and their current utilisation levels, including alerts and alarms
  • Capacity planning – complete graphical overview of maximum and minimum capacity levels combined with historic trends, delivering strategic information for network design and problem avoidance

Ensure successful service delivery

The NetVision Capacity Manager provides information on the utilisation and occupancy levels of resources used by deployed and active services. This is essential not only for their smooth, continuous operation, but also for ensuring rapid test and deployment, and diagnosis of critical points and faults.

With NetVision Capacity Manager,
organisations can:

  • Identify focal points and future utilisation trends
  • Optimise resource use intelligently, reducing costs
  • Plan organic service growth
  • Collect data from customised Aggregation Gateways
  • Visualise trial services and development plans
  • Ensure compliance with international standards and best practice

Key Features

  • Create indicators based on data from Aggregation Gateways
  • Integrate with NMS platforms
  • Rank indicators based on prioritisation levels
  • Review indicators based on resources and services
  • Predict future trends and patterns
  • Standardised reports with analytical and consolidated content
  • Dashboard for comprehensive view of information