Event Manager

eTOM and ITIL Event Management

The NetVision Event Manager is a complete event management solution designed to support service operations. It enables root cause analysis of problems in ICT services.

It is based on the two fundamental concepts of event correlation and event prioritisation, which ensures that issues are proactively identified and that they can be tracked effectively.

By correlating events and the time elapsed since they occurred, SLA management can be enhanced. Fault and performance management can adopt a more proactive stance, ensuring that it plays a strategic role in operations.

Proactive SLA and Performance Management

NetVision Event Manager creates a complete picture based on sequential events, categorised according to frequency and type, which contributes significantly to visibility of operational processes and a real-time view of infrastructure. Because it accumulates data dynamically, users benefit from historical information that leads to proactive SLA management and a more accurate representation of real and evolving network conditions.

With NetVision Event Manager,
organisations can:

  • Reduce mean time between failures through early detection of problems
  • Configure events, significance and event combinations to create customised data, reports and prioritisation
  • Perform root cause analysis based on comparison between current and historic data and patterns
  • Deploy Aggregation Gateway to collect input from multiple sources and in different formats (e.g. SNMP, Syslog, and many more)
  • Obtain real-time resource performance reports based on data collected
  • Obtain a logical system overview based on correlation between current and historic data
  • Automate responses depending on events and their behaviour
  • Configure and register all required information
  • Ensure compliance with international standards and best practice

Key Features

  • Complete visualisation of resources with indicators for relevant events
  • Complete visualisation of services with indicators for relevant events
  • Real-time performance reports
  • Correlation of events of different types and source
  • Visual notification
  • Email / SMS notification
  • Automated plug-ins
  • Receipt of SNMP traps
  • Historic event display and record
  • Graphical view of problems
  • Hourly ‘snapshot’ view
  • Standardised report format with analytics and consolidated content
  • Dashboard for real-time consolidated information presentation