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eTom and ITIL Network Resource Management Solutions

Each module in the NetVision range is built according to the same principles, leveraging common technology and architecture, with the object of increasing investment return to our customers.

The combination of modules selected enables optimized network resource management to be achieved and delivers strategic service assurance capabilities.

Integration with external OSS

NetVision Aggregation Gateways are responsible for the integration of NetVision with external OSS systems already deployed in the customer’s environment, or those provided by Tacira from a range of partner vendors, such as InfoVista and others.

NetVision architecture diagram

The Gateways are also responsible for gathering performance information from network devices and support a wide range of standards, technologies and templates from the many vendors in the industry, enabling a complete multi-technology and multi-vendor environment for network and service management.

Tacira will determine the optimum Aggregation Gateway for each project, considering the unique circumstances and ensuring the most appropriate technical solution.

Integration with external BSS

NDI (NetVision Data Integration) is set of functions responsible for the integration with external BSS systems. It enables data to be imported and exported from each module of NetVision, in standard or customized data sets.

Integration takes place through databases, RESTful APIs, and the import of files in different formats.

Resource Management

NetVision provides a sophisticated system for resource management that is completely customizable, enabling:

  • New resources to be created with unique attributes
  • Group resources for different configurations and views

The resource management system offers flexible provisioning functions, enabling rapid integration with third-party solutions through NDI.

Service Catalogue

The service catalogue creates and manages services that are deployed for end users. By using the service catalogue, our customers can monitor and manage service performance and measure service level agreements.

The catalogue details and manages customers, contracts, relevant SLAs, and information regarding the available services. Each NetVision module uses the catalogue to obtain key data.

Centralized Information

The Cockpit is the central display for all information collected by NetVision. It is responsible for presenting resource and service status, enabling strategic management services and providing access to all reports and custom dashboards.

  • Resource status
  • Service status
  • Customer status
  • Global dashboard
  • Global reports

Action Center

The Action Center controls all actions that relate to events, indicators, tickets and SLAs in a centralized location.

It enables the creation of notifications and alarms and the correlation of information from each of the NetVision modules.

High Availability

The modular approach enables the components to be deployed in a fully redundant, distributed architecture with high-availability and exceptional performance.