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eTOM and ITIL Service Assurance Solutions

Modular, flexible, scalable. NetVision is a complete package that enables eTOM and ITIL service assurance management. It is focused on the management of telecommunications networks and IT services. NetVision ensures continual improvement and optimisation through the presentation of clear and accurate information.

Obtaining and making sense of network performance information, statistics and reports is complicated by the fact that many networks have multiple reporting systems. NetVision solves this problem by consolidating information from multiple sources to give clear and accurate, real-time visibility of all resources.

With NetVision, organisations can:

  • Minimise the risks of service unavailability
  • Adjust capacity to real demand
  • Increase efficiency
  • Enhance scalability

Five core modules to meet customer requirements

NetVision meets the needs of business, improving user satisfaction and delivering quality gains and cost optimisation.

Netvision is a complete solution and complies with eTOM and ITIL standards for service assurance management. It is composed of five core modules that can be deployed independently or in combination, according to the needs of each customer:

NetVision platform diagram

The NetVision Difference

As a fully compliant eTOM and ITIL service assurance management solution, NetVision leverages the best international standards. It helps organisations meet and exceed customer expectations for network support, services and customisation.

NetVision consolidates input from multiple sources and can be integrated with any existing or legacy solution, enabling a single, comprehensive view of resources to be achieved. This unified services vision helps organisations focus on the right solution depending on circumstances.

NetVision goes beyond reporting and monitoring and delivers additional business benefits by helping users identify commercial opportunities and deliver proactive management. It helps reduce churn, increase revenue and productivity and delivers rapid ROI.

The modularity of NetVision means that customers can select the components they need to deliver a fully optimised solution.

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  • Generate revenue through upgrades and new services
  • Develop a richer understanding of customer needs
  • Anticipate evolving requirements
  • Reduce costs in managing distributed and remote solutions
  • Prioritise investments
  • Reduce customer churn and increase satisfaction
  • Optimise internal efficiency
  • Faster response time for new challenges and opportunities
  • Reduce SLA non-compliance penalties
  • Increase problem resolution