Service Level Manager

eTOM and ITIL Service Level Solution

The NetVision Service Level Manager is a complete solution for real-time tracking, monitoring and enforcing service level agreements and contracts between customers, suppliers and partners: Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Operational Level Agreements (OLAs), Underpinning Contracts (UCSs).

As an eTOM and ITIL compliant service level management solution, it is fully integrated with related systems, such as service desks, workflow management, billing, and operational performance measurement.

It provides a rich set of reports and a comprehensive visual dashboard that enables penalties and incentives to be calculated for relevant terms and indicators, as well as complete resolution plans for process improvement.

Unified Contract Management

With the NetVision Service Level Manager, it is possible to achieve unified management of supported SLA contracts and measure realtime and historic compliance, as well as the prediction of future trends. This is essential for informed decision-making and contributes significantly to the reduction of operational costs and process optimisation.

Fully compliant with international standards and best practice, NetVision Service Level Manager has proven compatibility with SLA models adopted by Tier 1 CSPs and the largest multi-national corporations. The complete service level management tool is optimised for the demands of complex outsourcing contracts and the support of highly differentiated services.

With NetVision Service Level Manager,
organisations can:

  • Maintain and improve the quality of ICT services
  • Manage and enforce agreed SLAs, OLAs and UCs
  • Integrate with service operation platforms
  • Obtain information to optimise infrastructure, service and operational capacity
  • Determine the most cost effective offer for agreed performance and availability levels
  • Flexibly configure systems to suit individual needs
  • Achieve consistently high operational and service performance
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Generate new metrics and benchmarks
  • Design different integration models with solutions for management incidents, contracts and mediators
  • View charts and reports, individually or in a consolidated view
  • View SLA performance and levels on a per customer basis, showing resource hierarchy, indicators and units
  • Ensure compliance with international standards and best practice

Key Features

  • Transactional collector, gathering data for creating service level values, fully integrated with legacy systems, service desk tools, event management, and development
  • Metrics compiler, analysing collected data based on information registered in the service catalogue
  • Dashboard with live, consolidated data display, customisable by the user
  • Reports, generating standard operational reports, including management views, calculations of penalties, incentives, service evolution and performance indices
  • Service Catalogue containing all information required for SLA management (contract, service, SLA/OLA/UC, targets and input rules)
  • Viewer interface, displaying all targets with filters, detailed search criteria and information flows