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General M2M

End-to-End Service Orchestration for IoT and M2M

M2M applications and services demand a broad range of performance characteristics. Some are real-time with critical or low latency requirements. Others require the transfer of large volumes of data, while still others have relatively undemanding performance levels.

In addition, some services can change dynamically, moving to critical states, which, in turn, require a different level of service assurance. The design and orchestration of these services requires a new level of performance that is not available from legacy solutions.

NetVision IoT provides the dynamic end-to-end service orchestration capabilities that are required for performance excellence in the IoT and M2M. It ensures that all entities involved in the delivery of every service offered are efficiently co-ordinated, enabling CSPs to support the broadest range of IoT and M2M services.

Supporting Collaborative Partnerships by Delivering Interoperability

To succeed in the new world of M2M and IoT, CSPs and network operators need to be able to support requirements for each vertical and to enable interoperability between a growing diversity of systems and stakeholders. Tacira is the perfect partner to connect the different devices, platforms and networks involved, while providing real-time and historic data to all stakeholders.

NetVision IoT solves the challenge of interoperability between stakeholders delivering IoT applications through the use of the standard integration capabilities based on the TM Forum's Frameworx. It enables efficient orchestration and management of:

  • Device inventory
  • Digital services catalogue
  • Data acquisition
  • Event correlation
  • Data consolidation
  • Data availability (APIs and Open Data)
  • Information presentation through digital services portal

M2M and IoT applications and services cover a wide range of verticals – from eHealth to Mobility and Logistics. NetVision IoT provides a complete M2M service orchestration solution enabling CSPs to address any vertical.

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