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Flexible Agile Solutions for M2M and IoT Applications and Services

The rapid growth of IoT (including M2M) applications has created a significant opportunity for Communications Service Providers and network operators. All IoT applications and services require network connectivity to collect, transmit and receive data, giving CSPs and network operators a key role in this emerging field.

The diversity of IoT and M2M applications means that there is a matching diversity of performance requirements. CSPs and network operators need to implement solutions that meet this range of requirements – and provide agility to meet new requirements in the future.

That's why Tacira has created the NetVision IoT Orchestration and Assurance solution. Based on industry-standard processes such as eTOM, ITIL and certified as Frameworx compliant by the TMF, it provides a flexible, agile solution that enables CSPs and network operators to meet the challenge of supporting M2M and IoT applications and services.

Extend your OSS Reach and Target M2M and IoT Services

CSPs and network operators need new OSS capabilities to support the full diversity of IoT and M2M services. They need the ability to rapidly launch and orchestrate service capabilities, manage them effectively and to meet new SLA requirements. Agility is key to succeed in the world of IoT and M2M.

Each service will have different quality requirements. This means that new metrics, KPIs and service performance indicators have to be implemented on a continual basis. Each new contract must be supported by new SLAs. To keep pace, CSPs and network operators need to revitalise and extend their OSS systems so that an ever-growing array of services can be co-ordinated, launched and managed.

NetVision IoT is a complete solution that can be deployed alongside existing infrastructure or in greenfield opportunities. It enables the smooth orchestration and launch of new services that meet challenging SLA requirements.

NetVision IoT allows operators to deliver outstanding network quality and performance. It enables interoperability across multi-vendor IoT and M2M applications for the secure delivery and management of the complete service portfolio.

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