Machine to Machine to Human

This concept makes us unique and different

It’s becoming increasingly clear that 5G and FTTx represents, not just a revolution in terms of speed and performance capabilities, but also a profound change in the structure of the telecom industry and ecosystem.

This means that there is also a need for NPNs to interact with public networks and for effective communication transfer between the two. In addition, many FTTx and 5G-enabled IoT applications may also need to interact with classical communications services – for example, to trigger an SMS or to initiate a voice call to alert a user.

In other words, there is a need for B2B and B2C service interaction, as well as for human interaction from M2M / IoT devices. This latter category, we create term M2M2H, the union of the most advanced technologies like AI – Artificial Intelligence, BI – Business Intelligence, NLP – Natural Language Processing, ML – Machine Learning, STT/TTS – Speech to Text.

With the substitution of inefficient resources by M2M2H, we've reached an 80% reduction of the costs and increased 80% the operational efficiency.

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Intelligent voice control for managed security service.

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