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Mobility and Logistics Service Assurance and Orchestration Solutions

Transport Orchestration

Mobility and Logistics Service Assurance

Global trade has become increasingly complex. At both local and international levels, more goods are being delivered. Mixed transport networks – from air and sea freight, to rail and local dispatch and courier – are part of a complex supply and delivery chain that ensures goods are shipped from manufacturer to wholesaler and retailer and all the way to the end customer.

Customer expectations have also evolved. Not only do businesses need goods to be delivered according to just-in-time practice but also consumers increasingly expect deliveries within specific time frames and to a range of different destinations possibilities. Co-ordinating the global supply chain on local, national and international levels requires intelligent systems that can manage scheduling, user context, shelf life, location, context and much more.

This has created a surge of data that must be collected, delivered and exchanged between systems and millions of mobile and RFID devices in the field. Companies need to share data across the value chain, ensuring that the right information is presented and available for tracking and notifications. The mobile and logistics industries require highly sophisticated service assurance and orchestration solutions: NetVision IoT is the answer.

Co-ordinating Supply and Distribution

NetVision IoT is a complete mobility and logistics service assurance and orchestration solution that protects and assures communications infrastructure, enabling complex supply chain and distribution processes to be created, managed and monitored.

Mobility and Logistics applications such as traffic management; fleet management; traffic information; shipping and freight; distribution and scheduling; and the presentation of information to customers, have different needs. Agile service assurance and orchestration is required for the co-ordination of this growing array of services and to meet the needs of different stakeholders.

NetVision IoT enables infrastructure and solution providers to deliver and support a wide range of applications and innovative services both internally and via external partners. Open APIs support close integration between different systems, enabling data to be shared more effectively or for new applications to be offered.

NetVision IoT leverages the Standards Information (SID) and Integration (TIP) capabilities of Frameworx to enable efficient orchestration and management of:

  • End-to-end orchestration of all services
  • Life cycle support and control, including:
    • Installation
    • Provisioning
    • On-boarding
    • Service assurance reporting
    • Customer care
    • Billing
  • Integration and correlation of events and measurements across the entire mobility and logistics infrastructure
  • Remote and automated initiation of system functions activated by processes, events or performance thresholds.

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