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Our 20-year stablished Service Assurance solution managed over 100.000 critical network devices, 10.000 corporate customers and millions of services.

Innovation is in our DNA. We are pioneers in implementing M2M2H solutions using AI models for IoT Health and Security services. Our main drive for innovation in OSS/BSS is to simplify complex networks operations, allowing businesses to organize workflows and manage customer care more efficiently, track issues, enhance operations, meet SLAs, and ultimately grow their business with customers.

Our entire solution is based on a cloud-based architecture, that guarantees security, availability, resilience and scalability. Despite of monolithic architectures, our solution implements microservices that use APIs to communicate between them and to external systems and partner solutions. The microservices are focused on business needs or functionalities and are deployed separately.

We use the TM Forum Agile OSS/BSS toolkit to support OSS/BSS solutions integration based on the latest IT practices which support current and anticipated future requirements of Digital Service Providers.

The Agile OSS/BSS toolkit is a complete blueprint for managing multi-vendor Hybrid infrastructures including key practical assets such as Open APIs, information models, best practices and deployment guides. Together, these provide the standard interface required for multi-vendor hybrid deployments.


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