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According to TM Forum, “the digital revolution is bringing significant opportunities and threats, impacting every industry. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can embrace significant growth opportunities by looking beyond connectivity. At the same time, commoditization and digitalization of connectivity services have created an urgency to dramatically simplify and transform the efficiency of existing business”.

Tacira is fully aligned with TM Forum best practices to help CSPs navigate the complex digital transformation journey, adopting the telecommunications industry standard Digital Maturity Model (DMM) and a set of key strategic KPIs.

DMM offers a practical approach to transformation. CSPs, technology companies, and global advisory firms have pooled their knowledge and experience to create a model that can be used to identify possible investment priorities and manage the journey, step-by-step.

Tacira’s solutions covers a wide range of dimensions of the DMM from Operations to Customers, utilizing digital technologies to enhance business efficiency, effectiveness, and providing organizations customers the proper information using their preferred channels of interaction.

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