NetVision Proactive Service Assurance

Proactive Service Assurance

Proactive Service Assurance Reduces Costs and Churn

The intelligent use of network data can help operators and service providers to prevent problems from occurring or escalating to critical levels. Proactive service assurance enables operators to protect their network and avoid costly failures, which leads to a better customer experience and churn prevention.

NetVision provides the information necessary to establish proactive service assurance policies. It offers a configurable interface that enables alarm and critical thresholds to be set giving advance warning of emerging problems.

NetVision combines real-time event notification and status with historic trend analysis, presented through clear dashboards and alarms. This means that potential problems can be identified before they occur. With NetVision, operators can proactively secure their network, anticipating and containing issues before they impact operations and customers.

Proactive, Not Reactive, for Any Service

Faced with more demanding customers, increasing competitive pressures and a richer service portfolio, operators need to proactively manage and assure services and network infrastructure. Preventing problems reduces costs and avoids penalties associated with breaking SLA terms.

Proactive operators can provide a differentiated experience and more confidently deliver services to the most demanding users. They can use the resulting better network performance to attract and retain customers. Proactive service assurance is a critical discipline that saves money, resources and contributes to better return on assets.

NetVision provides a complete solution to enable operators to adopt proactive service assurance. It helps them deliver more effective network operations through the intelligent use and presentation of critical network data, optimised to the needs of any service and infrastructure.

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