NetVision IoT
Service Assurance and Orchestration Solutions for Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Service Assurance for Smart Cities

Smart city initiatives leverage enhanced ICT infrastructure and applications to deliver enhanced sustainability and more competitive business environments. They bring together a diverse ecosystem of stakeholders, addressing aspects such as governance, economy, mobility, environmental, and commercial and residential property.

Netvision IoT is a complete service assurance and orchestration solution for enabling smart cities initiatives to be delivered successfully, reliably and cost effectively. Delivering the benefits of smart city initiatives depends on the availability of a robust infrastructure for service delivery that must scale effectively. NetVision IoT is an agile solution that scales to meet evolving requirements as projects spread and are connected to build the complete smart city.

NetVision IoT provides full integration with partners, developers and stakeholders to address the needs of citizens, government and business. It enables the rapid test and introduction of new technologies and digital services. Open APIs and open data flow support service innovation.

Tacira’s Leadership in Smart City Initiatives

Tacira has developed leadership in the provision of service orchestration and assurance for smart city projects. This leadership translates into expertise that can be applied to any smart city initiative globally. Smart city projects involve mixed stakeholder groups, a wide range of technologies and hybrid network connectivity. Tacira's expertise allows projects to be realised efficiently and accurately, from concept to delivery.

NetVision IoT provides a clear, comprehensive unified services portal for each stakeholder. Dashboards are supplied that combine measurement of services with an integrated view of infrastructure, enabling proactive service management and a reduction of costs associated with maintenance and site visits.

NetVision IoT, certified by the TM Forum, leverages Frameworx capabilities to enable the efficient orchestration and management of:

  • End-to-end orchestration of all services
  • Life cycle support and control, including:
    • Installation
    • Provisioning
    • On-boarding
    • Service assurance reporting
    • Customer care
    • Billing input
  • Integration and correlation of events and measurements across the entire smart city infrastructure
  • Remote and automated initiation of system functions activated by processes, events or performance thresholds.

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