NetVision IoT
Smart Grid and Energy Assurance and Orchestration Solutions


Service Assurance for Smart Grid and Smart Energy Infrastructure

Smart grids are changing the way in which electricity is distributed. It's no longer a centralised process, with unidirectional energy input. Instead, it's multi-directional, as new sources of energy generation come on stream from a diverse array of renewable and micro generation sites. Electricity consumers can also be producers, contributing to energy flows on the grid.

The smart grid requires much closer management. It needs proactive, flexible monitoring and control. It needs the agility to flexibly extend to include new energy sources – and, of course, it needs the highest standards of reliability.

NetVision IoT is a complete service assurance and orchestration solution for smart grid and energy networks that can be used to reliably and proactively manage smart grid infrastructure. It monitors smart grid networks to guarantee data delivery and assure optimised operational performance. NetVision IoT collects data from smart grid platforms and devices and organises it to deliver powerful end-to-end views of both individual services and devices, and the complete service portfolio.

Deliver a Responsive, Agile Smart Grid

Smart grids must be able to responsively cope with demand management and peak adjustment, enabling providers to deliver peak levelling solutions. Intelligent control is required to conserve energy and ensure efficient consumption, tied to price incentive schemes. Service orchestration and assurance are fundamental to the delivery of such solutions.

NetVision IoT provides the reliability to ensure the smooth operation of smart grid and energy platforms and deliver efficient energy markets. It delivers immediate root-cause analysis and proactive assurance across an entire network, integrating and correlating events and measurements from devices, network infrastructure and platforms.

NetVision IoT, certified by the TM Forum, leverages Frameworx capabilities to enable the efficient orchestration and management of:

  • End-to-end orchestration of all services
  • Life cycle support and control, including:
    • Installation
    • Provisioning
    • On-boarding
    • Service assurance reporting
    • Customer care
    • Billing input
  • Remote and automated initiation of system functions activated by processes, events or performance thresholds.

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