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Smart Lighting Service Assurance and Orchestration Solutions

Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting Service Assurance Solutions

Smart Lighting provides a means of intelligently managing key elements of the urban infrastructure: street and residential lighting. City planners are keen to reduce energy consumption costs, in order to both conserve budgets and to contribute to sustainable goals. Smart lighting infrastructure enables them to achieve both.

Smart lighting solutions control the activation, intensity and power consumption of lights in urban, office and residential environments. Remote sensors both respond to local conditions and can be co-ordinated from central locations. The accurate and reliable distribution of information requires efficient service assurance and orchestration.

NetVision IoT is a complete smart lighting service assurance and orchestration solution that provides the platform to manage city-wide or local smart lighting initiatives, enabling the collection and co-ordination of data and interoperability between sensors and control mechanisms. Open APIs are available to promote service innovation and the integration with other smart projects.

Managing Energy Efficiency

Remote sensors collect and transmit data for central processing, which allows real-time and historic power consumption to be monitored, enabling more effective planning and cost-reduction. NetVision IoT ensures that the required performance thresholds are met and that proactive indicators of any problems are delivered.

This generates additional efficiencies and benefits since automatic notification of failure reduces the need for site visits. It also ensures that the performance of contractors can be measured, as the time to remedy problems can be used to manage SLAs. In addition to helping to meet sustainability goals, NetVision IoT provides a complete framework for the co-ordination of complex, multi-stakeholder projects.

NetVision IoT, certified by the TM Forum, leverages Frameworx capabilities to enable the efficient orchestration and management of:

  • End-to-end orchestration of all services
  • Life cycle support and control, including:
    • Installation
    • Provisioning
    • On-boarding
    • Service assurance reporting
    • Customer care
    • Billing input
  • Integration and correlation of events and measurements across the entire smart lighting infrastructure
  • Remote and automated initiation of system functions activated by processes, events or performance thresholds.

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