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Smart Parking

Smart Parking Service Assurance

Smart parking solutions deliver clear benefits to stakeholders, by reducing pollution, increasing traffic flow and efficiency, and providing real-time information to users. Local authorities are keen to deliver information to users while independent parking providers wish to use technology to increase efficiency and occupancy.

The transfer and exchange of information from parking facilities and spaces either directly to the user or via a network of display sites requires efficient management. The addition of new capabilities, such as easy payment from handsets or contactless cards requires an efficient point of sales network to be available. This mix of capabilities and the inclusion of future services demand efficient service assurance and orchestration.

NetVision IoT is a complete smart parking service assurance and orchestration solution that provides the infrastructure to manage the provision, access control and monitoring of smart parking programmes and deliver information to all stakeholders. It enables the collection and co-ordination of data and interoperability between sensors and control mechanisms.

Co-ordinating Stakeholder Needs

Smart parking solutions must integrate with a range of different stakeholder systems, from law enforcement, to payment and credit authorisation, to city planners and retail businesses. NetVision IoT offers a complete set of open APIs to promote service innovation and integration with other systems, such as ERP, CRM and BI, and smart projects

Many parking providers are deploying remote sensors that go beyond simply providing details of the availability of spaces to deliver more personalised information. Local authorities and permit issuers also need to manage registration. This leads to more complex requirements and information must be distributed to a growing range of end points, which must also be maintained. NetVision IoT ensures the efficient, timely delivery of real-time and non real-time information to all users and enables the cost-effective management of all sensor and end points, regardless of the technology deployed.

NetVision IoT leverages the Standards Information (SID) and Integration (TIP) capabilities of Frameworx to enable efficient orchestration and management of:

  • End-to-end orchestration of all services
  • Life cycle support and control, including:
    • Installation
    • Provisioning
    • On-boarding
    • Service assurance reporting
    • Customer care
    • Billing
  • Integration and correlation of events and measurements across the entire smart parking infrastructure
  • Remote and automated initiation of system functions activated by processes, events or performance thresholds.

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