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Service Assurance and Orchestration Solutions

CSPs and large corporations need to be sure that the services they deliver across their networks perform correctly. When things go wrong, knowledge and awareness are necessary to solve problems as quickly as possible. Better, they need insight to prevent problems occurring in the first place. That’s why service assurance is critical.

It’s not only traditional organisations. With the rise of M2M, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Public Things (IoPT), an ecosystem of providers has emerged, offering services and solutions across carrier and enterprise networks. A partner with proven expertise in service management, delivery and assurance is mandatory to the success of these services.

NetVision and NetVision IoT – Achieve Outstanding Service Assurance

NetVision and NetVision IoT enable all stakeholders to achieve outstanding service assurance by consolidating and correlating alarms, events and management reports into clear displays, accessible to all stakeholders, creating an end–to–end solution. The NetVision range delivers clear and compelling benefits as a comprehensive service assurance and orchestration solution.

  • One solution for all requirements: Over the Top Solution
  • Integrated platform, handling multiple information sources and inputs
  • Reduced operational costs due to more efficient problem resolution
  • Faster customer care processes
  • 50% Faster service problem detection
  • Immediate resource problem notification
  • More precise definition of growth plans
  • eTOM certified problem handling processes
  • Manage data collection from complex networks
  • Single, unified service assurance solution for multi provider environment
  • Create system interoperability
  • Data analysis

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